Egoland Bass & Drums 


Bert & Erik make remarkable music with only a 5-string electric bass guitar and a drumkit. 


Instead of vocals and guitars: 

a lot of bass solos, drum solos, swinging rhythms and amazing rolls indeed. 


As a duo they create original and melodic compositions in which the entire music history is passing by. 

Astonishing and energetic pieces of music, performed with full commitment and an enormous amount of passion. 


Bert & Erik refuse the limits of a regular band while choosing their own path of diversity. 

With two basic instruments they break out and prove they can make outstanding and enjoyable music. 


Egoland Bass & Drums is a surprising and accessible concept. 

In fact it's a genre on its own. 



Hammering and forging they beat jazzrock, funk, pop and heavy metal together.